About us
The best house for you, 'Good Choice' Sharehouse PLAN A.

We all dream to have a ‘fancy’ home. What we PLAN A regards as ‘fancy’ home includes thus. People can be provided the happiness, comfortable, cheer by sharing their own daily life in the home that has reasonable price, safe and clean accommodation.

We are proud of our own Share house as there are warm-hearted, passionate to what we work or study, consideration, the ability to find daily happiness. If you are the like of us, this house is for you.

We will settle the system to have stable air, arrange the various service for residents in advance, and suggest all of you pleasant experience on Share house.

Full-Furnished System

You can live in a house with only one 28-inch carrier.

We have beds, closet, washing machine, and air conditioning, as well as blankets, toast machines, and tableware, all you need to bring is your personal belongings.

A compound dwelling space

Housing, work, study, and rest can be handled within the building.

The lounge, study room, cafe, and Theater room are all designed specifically for Sharehouse, enabling you to enjoy a variety of spaces.

IOT services

The introduction of IOT technology improves the convenience of house life.

Through the development of house-only apps, you can always check public space usage, accurately measure the amount of light costs, and check monthly rent claims. Support network activities between residents.

A hotel service

Save time with a variety of house care services.

In addition to the public space cleaning service and house care service such as facility repair, the hotel level service is provided to clean personal space, wash laundry, and store items.

More meaningful than best, Comfortable rather than special. Sharehouse PLAN A offers the following services.

House Care
Service cycle : Once a 2 weeks
Service contents : Inspection of the house facilities and verification of supplies by Planner.
*If prompt repair is required, visit irregardless of the cycle.

Service cycle : Once a 2 weeks
Service Space : Public space (Living room, kitchen, toilet, etc.)
* Personal space is managed by resident individuals.

Offered goods
Service cycle : Always
Service goods : Public items (toilet paper, detergent, garbage bags, etc.) Facility consumables(light bulbs, batteries, etc.)

Service period : June to August every year
Service Content : Disinfection by professional disinfection company.
* If necessary disinfection is carried out in PLAN A except June through August.

* Designations are required if a resident requests a service that is not specified. In some cases, service costs may be charged to residents.
* Costs can be charged to residents in the event of facility damage and contamination.

The true workers of PLAN A

PLAN A's life planner.
handsome ‘Jalsanyang’

PLAN A’s mobility.
Run!! ‘soonny’

PLAN A’s utility kit.
AS ‘Chull – E’

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